Best time to visit the Seychelles

Best time to visit the Seychelles

I have already been to the Seychelles 31 times in the meantime (as of November 2019) and during all these trips I have experienced how different the islands present themselves at different seasons. The temperature is the only thing that remains largely constant throughout the year, as it is always around 30 degrees, but it is completely different with the wind conditions, the bathing conditions, the duration of sunshine, the amount of precipitation and even the width of the beach!
wedding seychelles anse georgette praslin
Anse Georgette, Praslin, Seychelles
First of all: No matter in which month you travel - you will most likely experience several rain showers during your stay.

It rains in the Seychelles at all times of the year - and that's a good thing, because otherwise the islands would not be so lushly green, and there is no "dry season" in the Seychelles in which it does not rain for months - but there is also no real "rainy season" in which it rains continuously for a week.
wedding seychelles anse source dargent la digue
Anse Source d'Argent, La Digue, Seychelles
As a little help for your travel planning I have now created my personal "Top Eleven" of the best travel months, which I last revised in November 2019 - because with every trip to Seychelles I gain new and more up-to-date impressions of the weather in the Seychelles, so I am well informed about possible changes of the weather conditions of many years.

But attention: I do not take over a weather guarantee in all months! 😉
wedding seychelles islands 09

# 01: February

According to current information - and especially after the weather observations of the last three years - February is the month par excellence for me to travel to the Seychelles: Mostly blue skies, often fantastic photo conditions! The (partly heavy) precipitation falls for the most part at night; during the day there is usually absolute "paradise weather" (although - as in all other months of the year - it can also rain heavily during the day!). Also the bathing conditions in February are mostly ideal:

I personally like the Seychelles especially when the wind blows from the north-west, as then, there are often ideal bathing conditions on the beaches that are most beautiful for my taste. Thus, in February/March, one can get into the water at the Grand Anse on La Digue, lie on one's back and simply let oneself drift for minutes on the sometimes mirror-smooth sea. For example, in August, this would be unthinkable.

Take a look at the two comparison photos: While I took the August photo, definitely no reasonable person would have dared to go into the sea even up to his hip. See how narrow the beach is on this photo? And now compare that with the photo I took in the morning of March 1st - so almost still in February 😉:

Grand Anse on La Digue in August

Grand Anse on La Digue in March

wedding seychelles contribution 811

After I had the March picture in the box, I couldn't help but jumped into the sea for an extensive swim - no current, just a few tiny waves - perfect for swimming!

# 02: March

march was number 1 on this list for some years, but was now narrowly relegated to number 2 by february. march presents itself in principle just as beautiful as february. in both months you should have fantastic weather on most days. but one important point should not be left unmentioned: in both months you will experience rain! that is almost as certain as the amen in church. nobody can tell you whether it will be a lot of rain or not. you know: in one of the greenest countries on earth it can certainly rain a lot during the day. by the way, this applies to all twelve months of the year. there is not a single month in which the seychelles remain completely dry. and that is very good!

# 03: November

November is, of course, the ideal month to escape from the German-speaking countries: While it is mostly foggy, cloudy and rainy here, the Seychelles usually have terrific weather conditions:

The monsoon has turned north-west in October, giving the Seychelles great bathing conditions on many of the beautiful beaches and an often very cloudless or even cloudless sky. Due to the often spectacular light conditions in November and the often enormously clear air, absolute photographer's dreams usually come true here!
wedding seychelles islands 14

# 04: October

In October the monsoon is shooting and nobody can predict when exactly in the course of the month this will happen.

after a mostly quite short, windless phase, the wind turns to northwest and gives the islands on most of the days absolute dream weather! besides the wonderful phase in february/march, i think the time from the beginning of october to the end of november is also the best time to get married on the seychelles and take nice pictures. the weather usually plays along perfectly and the light is often magnificent!

# 05: June

I like June as a travel month, because it is usually the coolest month in the Seychelles - which, however, still promises daytime temperatures of at least 25 degrees Celsius. The wind freshens up and often blows very interesting cloud formations over the islands, which look incredibly good on my photos! In addition, June has been the month with the least visitors for many years, so the beaches of the Seychelles are more deserted in June than in the other months of the year.
wedding seychelles islands 13

# 06: September

september usually offers (especially in the second half of the month) very interesting light moods, which is of course very appealing to me as a photographer! however, september is not very suitable for bathing - at least not at my favourite beaches in the east/southeast. the sea is then often very turbulent and demands several drowning victims in nearly every year! thus, those who travel to the Seychelles mainly for bathing should better choose another month and not travel in july/august/september.

# 07: January

the sea is calm, the islands are little visited and every now and then it rains heavily and sometimes extensively: that's how January presents itself in the Seychelles - usually the rainiest month of the year, by the way. mostly it rains at night, but also during the day it can pour heavily and abundantly - sometimes even so heavily that the roads are flooded for a short time. but already the next morning you are greeted by a bright blue sky again and you are almost alone on the beaches, which are quite empty in January!
wedding seychelles islands 12

# 08: December

especially at the beginning of december i have already experienced great weather in the seychelles! the sea is then mostly very calm, the islands are almost free of tourists (who is on holiday at the beginning of december?) and the islands are almost as calm as in june! from the middle of december on, the christmas holiday starts for many people. the islands get much fuller from the 22nd of december on at the latest and the hotel prices partly increase significantly over the holidays. so you should rather avoid this time if you want to save your wallet.

# 09: May

the wind has turned in april and now blows from south-eastern direction. therefore, the bathing conditions are not ideal at the beaches in the south-east. normally, one does not expect big amounts of rain, but there are often a lot of clowds and therefore there are repeatedely some warm showers.
wedding seychelles islands 11

# 10: April

The first thing that comes to my mind about April in the Seychelles is the following word: Heat!
Rainfall is rather scarce in April, the sea is - at least in the first half of April - often as smooth as glass and therefore ideal for boat trips, for swimming and for great photos - but it is very hot! in combination with the humidity it often becomes really unpleasant.

During the first days of April it is often quite bearable - but I still try to spend April in my German homeland. Please don't get me wrong! I like it warm in summer and I walk around here in North Rhine-Westphalia with a big grin on my face, while our neighbours prefer to hide in the cellar on the days when we break the 35 degree mark on the Lower Rhine - but April in the Seychelles is usually a little too hot even for me!

# 11: July

July is very similar to September in all of the above-mentioned respects. As many European countries have summer holidays in July, the islands are well visited. There is often a strong wind and the weather is sometimes mixed, while back home it is probably midsummer.
wedding seychelles islands 10
Anse Georgette, Praslin, Seychelles

Only 11 months? What about number 12?

So, and whoever paid attention at school knows that there is a twelfth month in the calendar, which I have not listed here yet:

The August is the holiday month par excellence in many european countries. the islands are visited in august by many tourists from many countries, the sea is rough, bathing is hardly possible on many beaches and sometimes even life-threatening. therefore i prefer to spend august at home in germany.

Of course, I am generally bookable as a wedding photographer in the Seychelles in August as well - but due to the weather conditions and the main holiday season, I would recommend a different month of travel - you will find plenty of inspiration in the above list!

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