The "" annual review 2014

The "" annual review 2014

Today was a day just the way I like it: First I went to the fun pool with the kids and my favourite wife, then I answered a few wedding questions (two of them for the Seychelles, the rest here in NRW), prepared the photo equipment for the photo job on New Year's Eve afternoon and then the flights and accommodations for my next "Honeymoon in the Seychelles"Thanks to the contacts I have made over the years, I will be able to travel to getaner Wedding photography in the Seychelles again two nights at the Lemuria Resort on Praslin I'm really looking forward to the trip! We'll start at the end of January!

But first let's get back to the current year 2014: I have celebrated nine weddings this year on the Seychelles and again had many nice couples in front of the camera and partly worked out completely new motifs, especially on my favourite island, the Wedding Island La DigueBy now I really know every corner and know when and where I have to be with the bridal couple in order to create exactly those wedding pictures for which I am flown to the Seychelles several times a year by mostly German-speaking couples.

For more than 21 years now, I have been travelling the Seychelles again and again (at least 2-3 times a year for the last few years) and since my first visit in the summer of 1993, I have been passionate about exploring every square metre of the dream islands... 😀

The Amazing Seychelles Videomy dear colleague Markus Schneeberger about my work as a wedding photographer in Seychelles If not, please pour a glass of Takamaka immediately, put some sunscreen between your nose and upper lip (the scent will put you in a holiday mood immediately, I promise! 😉 ) and then click here: The German wedding photographer in the Seychelles

here in the blog you will see many of the pictures taken in 2014 in the seychelles. some of them i show you at the end of this blog entry. and soon you will see the pictures of the first Seychelles Weddings of the year 2015The first two trips to Seychelles for the first half of the year have already been booked.

One of the many highlights of 2014 was brought to me by my favourite airline "Emirates" during my trip to the Seychelles in October, when they offered me a free upgrade to the Business Class according to the motto "Anyone can do Business Class! 😉 with a free upgrade to first class i have never sat in row 1 on a long-haul plane before - and certainly not in a "private suite", as the whole thing is called at emirates. you have your own lockable cabin all to yourself and enjoy every conceivable luxury there. i let the massage function of my recliner gently whirl me to sleep and climbed out of the plane as relaxed as never before in the seychelles!

Apart from the three weddings I photographed during this trip, I actually had time to celebrate a little on La Digue with some of the STB ("Seychelles Tourism Board") staff, to do an "airy photo job" for the STB and later on to have interesting conversations with very interesting people on Mahé at the STB headquarters... 😀

By the way, just before the start of this "First Class" trip I only had four days to unload the photo equipment and wash my clothes, because I had just finished my photo mission "Dream wedding in Rio de Janeiro" back! directly the first wedding i was allowed to photograph in brazil took place at the foot of the sugar loaf. what a scenery! some pictures of this great wedding you can find here: Wedding Photographer Brazil

But now back again to the Weddings in the SeychellesA few days before Christmas Eve I received a very nice mail from Andrea & Gaston - one of the couples I photographed on La Digue in October 2014 (to be exact, it's the two you see at the top of the cover picture!). Besides a five-pack of "Seychelles climbing socks" (little insider 😉 ), there was also an incredibly great poem that the two of them wrote themselves. I cannot and will not withhold this poem from you:

For Torsten

For years there's been one dream,
there was hardly anything else for us,
than a wedding in the Seychelles,
between rocks and turquoise waves.

There should also be pictures of the most beautiful day in our lives.
Photos that no one else can take, Torsten took our "PHOTOMAN"

We met you at dinner,
we won't forget that anytime soon.
We laughed and you could already see,
that we're getting along really well.

Since that night, we knew having you is wonderful.

The wedding on the beach, the perfect day,
more beautiful than one can say.
Tears in the eyes, happy about it,
true love - without a doubt.

Together forever and never alone,
you've captured every moment for us.

Climbed on rocks, wind blows the dress,
fantastic view for miles around.
Amazed faces, nice people,
we've never been happier than today.

Fantastic pictures - along the beach -
we drove home at sunset.
A great dinner - the wedding night -
at 4:00 a.m., we woke up

Riding a bike through the night,
to the most beautiful sunrise we've ever seen.
Warm light on the white beach,
infinitely happy hand in hand.

But one always drove ahead, Torsten our "PHOTOMAN".
You were ready with your camera at any time of day.

Running through the jungle, climbing rocks,
anything to get the perfect picture.
We enjoyed the view with our eyes,
she was about to take our breath away.

Then came the best part, the jump into the pool,
just crazy and mega cool.

Having breakfast together, Takamaka in a glass,
we had a really good time with you.
Thanks for this great time
and images for eternity.

Gaston and Andrea

Now I'm going to wipe the tears from my eyes and wish you all a great and above all healthy year 2015!

Finally I will show you a colourful mixture of pictures I took in the year 2014 on the Seychelles and in Rio de Janeiro. Maybe you like one or the other.

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